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absentee ballot q&a

1.    Where's my ballot?

Check the ballot tracking system in your state on this handy Where's My Ballot Chart. If your state doesn't have a statewide system, check your Local Election Office website, and if they don't have a local tracker, email or call them. (And if that doesn't work, see  #7 below!)

2.    I’m worried about timely postal return. Do I have an online option?

Indeed, you might! Check for online ballot return options in your state in the State Voting Information under Voter Materials Transmission Options. (And see #3 in case that applies to you.)

3.    What about FedEx, DHL and other courier delivery services?

Sure, you can use them. The Waybill acts as the postmark. FedEx Express has a next-day ballot delivery special offer available in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Also, for Active Duty Uniformed Services Members, spouses and dependants: you are entitled to no-charge Express Mail through every military post office. Ask for "DOD Label 11."


4.    My ballot return envelope says “U.S. Mail Postage Paid”?  Does that mean I don’t need a stamp?

If you are in the military, yes. Otherwise, as a civilian voter, ignore that. Take your ballot to the post office, pay the international postage and get a clear postmark on it.

5.    What if my online ballot is formatted for US paper and envelope size?

Print your ballot using the latest version of Adobe Reader to make sure all ballot features are visible. You can "Shrink to Fit" the ballot to the paper size you have locally. It is against the federal law, the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act, for an overseas or military ballot to be rejected based on the paper it is printed on, the envelope it is sent in, or their respective weights and sizes.

6.    My ballot return envelope does not have USA on the election office mailing address. What do I do?

Good catch! Be sure to check that the mailing address for your ballot is complete. Some states are using domestic ballot return envelopes for overseas voters and they do not have USA on the mailing address. Make sure to whip out your pen and add that to the address. To look up election office contact details, go to the Election Official Directory.

7.    What if the ballot I requested does not arrive?

Good news! As an overseas or military voter, you have an emergency ballot, the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB), that you can complete and download here, and send in now. And, if your official ballot arrives after that, you can send it in to replace the FWAB. For more information on this options, go here.

8.    Is it too late to register and request my overseas ballot?

If you haven’t yet requested your ballot, check your deadlines, it’s not too late, act now - See your state's dates and deadlines and request your ballot today!

9.    Where can I get step-by-step instructions for how I vote from overseas?

Watch the video for How to Vote from Overseas. And take action today!

10.  What if I still have a question?

First check the FAQs on the Voter Help Desk for an immediate answer. And if you don't, you can submit your question and get a personal reply!

Let’s make 2020 a record turnout year for overseas voters!

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  If you didn't receive your absentee ballot by snail mail or by e-mail/fax by the first week of October, click on the following link and Vote as a backup using the Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS

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